Sailing is in our blood

Tour the Cantabrian coast with us

The environment

Orio is nature.
A picturesque little village of fishermen and sea lovers located next to the last meander of the river Oria (hence its name), just before it flows into the Bay of Biscay.

Why is rowing so good for us Oriotians?

Because sailing is in our blood.

We are (very proud) descendants of the great Basque navigators who set sail for distant lands long before the great Columbian expeditions. It is even said that when the French navigator Jacques Cartier reached the new territories of Canada (Terra Nova) for the first time, he said:

“In those remote waters [I found] a thousand Basques fishing for cod”!

Why choose us?

At Begi Bistan we have been rowing, kayaking and trawling since we were very young. We are descendants of the great Basque whalers of yesteryear: Joanes de Echaniz, Madalena de Urdaire, Domingo de Aganduru, María de Arranibar, Domicuca de Arbe, María Joango de Aganduru, Nicolás de Hendaya, Francisco de Jaureguieta, Lázaro de Segura. True heroes and heroines that we celebrate every day in Orio.

And not to show off, but few can beat us in trawler races: we have won the prestigious Kontxa de San Sebastián Flag 31 times.

So, if you want to kayak on the Oria river, choose us. The sea is our life.

The sea is our life.

If you want to kayak on the Oria River: Begi Bistan.


Rowing for individuals and groups

What better way to enjoy the Basque Coast than in small groups of family and friends? As a couple? As a group?


Rowing for companies

Open air, sport, competition and lots of fun: is there a better team building formula? Develop your team spirit and communication skills in an inspiring environment.


Rowing for agencies

Kayak, Big Sup, Trainera, Trainerilla, Batel, down the Oria… we have all the water sports your customers are looking for. Trusting us means offering five-star experiences.


Rowing for schoolchildren

Introduce the kids to rowing and canoeing with the help of an instructor in a spectacular natural setting.


Rowing for people with functional diversity

All our water activities (rowing, kayaking, canoeing, Big Sup, etc…) are designed for you to enjoy them to the fullest, and you have the security of having your own sailor at your side at all times!

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