Begi Bistan

we are an innovative entity specialized in this area of the Basque coast, from which offers ours services.

We develop our work in the field of nature, culture and leisure, environmental, cultural activities and leisure for a varied audience. Our goal is to create experiences unique and attractive and full of content.

Begi-Bistan is composed of a group of professionals specialized in the development of tourist experiences in the Basque country. Since June 2003, we create, plan and develop different types of activities both urban and natural environments.

We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in various areas: nature, culture, marine, leisure, gastronomy, etc.

This allows us to provide an integral service, complementing both the interpretation of natural environments as the disclosure historica-artistica, linking all areas and giving a more complete view and at the same time more attractive, by binding values natural and cultural. This provides a better understanding of our environment and our characteristics as a people.

Staff is our most valuable tool and we characterized by having a team of professionals with vocation and in continuous learning that guarantees the high quality of the service we provide.