Form of payment:

Code swift (BIC) BASKES2BXXX
Code IBAN: ES08 3008 01 72 013565916321

In the event of adverse weather forecast for the day chosen, from Begi-Bistan would put us in contact with you to modify or suspend the visit.

The amount will be returned when

TELLING more than 1 month in advance, will be charged 10% of the total booking amount, for expenditure management.

WARNING between 1 month and 6 days before: 25% of the total booking amount, charges expenditure management.

WARNING between 5 days and 2 day before: will be charged 50% of the total booking amount, for expenditure management.

The amount paid will be refunded if the company cancels due to weather issues, even if the company can make any proposal for a change of activity or date, according to the conditions.

WARNING less than 24 hours or the NO presentation in the place, time and date agreed on the reservation sheet: 100% of the reservation will be charged.

Suspend the activity the company if the / guests have clear symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs